Space Exploration:
A History in 100 Objects

Space Exploration: A History in 100 ObjectsWorkman Publishing, 2019, 224 pp., Hardcover. $25.00.

This is no ordinary space book. Within the pages of this eclectic pop-history, scientist and educator Sten Odenwald examines 100 objects that forever altered what we know and how we think about the cosmos. From Sputnik to Skylab and Galileo’s telescope to the Curiosity rover, some objects are iconic and some obscure — but all are incredibly important. The objects include the Nebra sky disk (1600 BCE) that features the first realistic depiction of the Sun, Moon, and stars; the Lunar Laser Ranging Retroreflector that in 1969 showed us how far we are from the Moon; the humble, rubber O-ring that doomed the space shuttle Challenger; and the Event Horizon Telescope that gave us our first glimpse of a black hole in 2019. This book showcases the tools and technologies that have altered the course of space history.

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