Space Habitats and Habitability:
Designing for Isolated and Confined Environments on Earth and in Space

Space Habitats and HabitabilitySpringer, 2021, 250 pp., Hardcover. $159.99.

This book explores creative solutions to the unique challenges inherent in crafting livable spaces in extraterrestrial environments. The goal is to foster a constructive dialogue between the researchers and planners of future (space) habitats. The authors explore the diverse concepts of the term “habitability” from the perspectives of the inhabitants as well as the planners and social sciences. The book provides an overview of the evolution and advancements of designed living spaces for manned spacecraft, as well as analog research and simulation facilities in extreme environments on Earth. It highlights how various current and future concepts of habitability have been translated into design and which ones are still missing. The main emphasis of this book is to identify the important factors that will provide for well-being in our future space environments and promote creative solutions to achieving living spaces where humans can thrive. Selected aspects are discussed from a socio-spatial professional background and possible applications are illustrated. This book will not only benefit individuals and organizations responsible for manned space missions and mission simulators, but also provides relevant information to designers of terrestrial austere environments (e.g., remote operational and research facilities, hospitals, prisons, manufacturing).

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