Super Cool Space Facts:
A Fun, Fact-Filled Space Book for Kids

Super Cool Space FactsRockridge Press, 2019, 124 pp., Paperback. $9.99. Available on

Take an exciting, fact-filled journey that goes where all great space books for kids should — to our solar system and beyond! Super Cool Space Facts is bursting with information about stormy planets, exploding stars, weird black holes, amazing landers, and more. Blast past other space books for kids with galaxies of wonder ― launch into learning with awesome and easy-to-digest facts about everything from asteroids hurtling through space to astronauts on the International Space Station; entertaining information ― fill your outer space adventure with the jokes, big word alerts, and fascinating mysteries of the universe all space books for kids should have; and full-color photos ― see how cool space is with incredible pictures of stars, galaxies, planets, constellations, and more. Super Cool Space Facts brings you out-of-this-world fun. It’s a must-have title for anyone interested in space books for kids. For ages 6 to 9.

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