Mars Exploration Forum
May 4–5, 1998
LPI Contribution No. 955

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Title Page and Credits
NASA's HEDS Enterprise
HEDS-UP Activity and References
Scenes from the Mars Forum

Meeting Agenda

Plenary Session

Douglas Cooke

Bill O'Neil

Joe Rothenberg

Keynote Address – John Young

Invited Technical Presentations

Geoffrey Briggs

Bret Drake

Robert Yowell

Charlie Stegmoeller

Kent Joosten

Bob Cataldo

Jerry Sanders

Carl Allen

Bill Eoff

Timothy Krabach

HEDS-UP University Design Studies

University of Texas at Austin

University of California, Berkeley

Texas A&M University

University of Washington

Wichita State University

University of Maryland

Panel Presentations and Discussion

Harvey Willenberg

Mike Henry

Eric Rice

List of Forum Participants

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