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As part of its educational outreach, the Lunar and Planetary Institute offers the following thematic image galley. Each set includes a series of images and captions describing the various aspects of a particular topic or theme.

Meteor Crater

Terrestrial Impact Craters, second edition
Orbital and aerial views of impact craters on Earth; some extraterrestrial structures included for comparison. 40 images.

Villages and Agriculture, Northwest India

Shuttle Views the Earth: Human Imprints from Space
A selection of shuttle photographs revealing that much of the surface of our planet is inhospitable to human habitation, as well as documenting the high concentration of human development in those areas that are suitable for human habitation. 40 images.

Eruption of Klyuchevskaya Kamchatka, Russia, Earth

The Solar System in 3-D
A study of geology, atmospheres, and other structures using stereo imagery of the planets, their satellites, and the Sun. One pair of 3-D glasses is included. 40 images.

Outflow Channels of Chryse Planitia

The Red Planet: A Survey of Mars, second edition
An overview of Mars, including its volcanos, the Valles Marineris canyon system, features formed by running water, the SNC meteorites, and its two small moons, Phobos and Deimos. This is the second edition, revised in 1997 to include recent images from Mars Pathfinder and the Hubble Space Telescope. 40 images.

Orientale Topography

Clementine Explores the Moon, second edition
A selection of imagery and global data coverage obtained by the Clementine spacecraft. This is the second edition, revised in 1997. 35 images.

Tesserae and Mountains

It's a Dry Heat: The Geology of Venus from Magellan
This image set provides an overview of the radar imagery, altimetry, and gravity data collected by the Magellan Mission to Venus. 40 images.

ALH 84001 Possible Fossil Object

Ancient Life on Mars???
An examination of martian meteorites retrieved from Antarctica and recent evidence pointing to possible life on ancient Mars. 40 images.


A Spacecraft Tour of the Solar System, third edition
A view of the principal distinctive features of each planet and its natural satellites. This is the third edition, revised in 2002. 40 images.

Aeolian activity on Mars

The Winds of Mars: Aeolian Activity and Landforms
An overview of the types of aeolian activity and landforms found on Mars. Includes a glossary of martian place names and terms and a short reference list. 30 images.

Angyre Basin on Mars

Stones, Wind, and Ice: A Guide to Martian Impact Craters
Illustrates the diversity of martian impact craters and demonstrates their role in understanding the geological evolution of Mars. 30 images.

Landsat Thematic Mapper image, Manna Loa, Hawaii

Volcanic Features of Hawaii and Other Worlds
Volcanos and volcanic features in Hawaii compared to features on other planets, with an emphasis on understanding the similarities and differences in volcanism in the solar system. 40 images.

Apollo 14 site: Oblique view

Apollo Landing Sites
Photographic coverage of the regional setting for the six Apollo landing sites. 40 images.

Tharsis Montes

Volcanoes on Mars
Illustrates various geologic features on Mars, including some of the best examples of Viking Orbiter images that include constructional volcanic landforms. 20 images.

Eleuthera Island, Exuma Sound, Bahamas

Shuttle Views the Earth: Geology from Space
Stunning geological features on Earth photographed by shuttle astronauts. 40 images.

Typhoon Odessa

Shuttle Views the Earth: Clouds from Space
Informative and visually impressive cloud photographs taken from the shuttle. 40 images.

Ship, Kelvin Wakes

Shuttle Views the Earth: Oceans from Space
A selection of fascinating and informative shuttle photographs of the oceans. 40 images.

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