Shuttle Views the Earth: Clouds from Space

Compiled by
Pat Jones

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Clouds have always held a fascination for me, even as a boy. When I learned to fly I discovered the unique perspective of seeing them from above. Now with my travels into space I have gained an even more unusual view that expands hundreds of miles. This series of photographs from space allows those of us who have been lucky enough to witness this phenomenon to share it with you.

Robert L. Crippen
NASA Astronaut


Thanks to Bob Crippen for encouragement in embarking on this project and for providing the foreword. Special thanks to Gordon Wells for patient advice in selecting and analyzing the photographs and to Professor Chuck Wash of the Meteorological Department, National Postgraduate School, Monterey, California, for assistance with weather satellite data and interpretation; also to members of the Space Shuttle Earth Observations Project at the NASA Johnson Space Center for their help and encouragement with this project, especially Mike Helfert and Chris Kinsler.

Pat Jones
May, 1986

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