Roter Kamm, Namibia

14. Roter Kamm, Namibia

Located in the Namib Desert, the raised crater rim is clearly visible against darker background vegetation. The crater is almost completely filled by eolian deposits. Only few basement outcrops exist along the crater rim. Target rocks include primarily Precambrian crystalline rocks and modest amounts of younger sedimentary rocks. Outcrops of impact melt breccias are found exclusively on the crater rim. Broad, shifting sand dunes cover the crater floor. This slide shows an oblique view of the crater, from about 150 meters above ground, looking southeast.

Aerial image by C. Koeberl.

Location: 27°46'S, 16°18'E
Rim diameter: 2.5 kilometers
Age: 3.7 ± 0.3 million years

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