The Red Planet: A Survey of Mars

Suggested Reading


Carr M. H. (1981) The Surface of Mars. Yale University, New Haven. A highly readable account of our knowledge of Mars at the end of the Viking program.

Greeley R. (1994) Planetary Landscapes. Chapman and Hall. A good overview of the geological processes that have shaped Mars and the other planets.

Kieffer H. H., Jakosky B. M, Snyder C. W., and Matthews M. S., eds. (1992) Mars. University of Arizona Press, Tucson. An up-to-date but highly technical report on the present status of our knowledge of Mars.

Viking Orbiter Views of Mars (1980) NASA SP-441. A compilation of many Viking Orbiter images of Mars.

Meszaros S. P. (1985) Photographic Catalog of Selected Planetary Size Comparisons. NASA TM-86207. Numerous figures illustrating the relative sizes of features on Mars and other planets.

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Exploring Mars

NASA Mars Missions

Mars Multi-scale Map

Hubble Space Telescope Mars images

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