A Spacecraft Tour of the Solar System, Third Edition


Compiled by
James R. Zimbelman
National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution

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A great variety of solar system objects have been photographed during both manned and unmanned spacecraft missions. All the slides included here were obtained since 1969, illustrating the tremendous increase in knowledge about the solar system that has taken place since the advent of spaceflight. While it is impossible to include all important discoveries, the slide set is intended to be representative of the principle distinctive features of each planet and its natural satellites. The slides have been used in lectures given to groups ranging from children in grade school to professional engineers; the response has ranged from simple curiosity about the diversity within the solar system to amazement at the rapid advancement of technology. Teachers may be particularly interested in using the slides as an introduction to the solar system. Included in the set are comparative data on solar system objects, along with a glossary, pronunciation guide, and list of references and suggested readings. Terms defined in the glossary are linked to the definition the first time they appear in the slide captions.

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Last updated
December 4, 2002