Winds of Mars: Aeolian Activity and Landforms

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Local Dust Lifting

1. Local Dust Lifting

Local Dust Storms

2. Local Dust Storms

Regional Dust Storms

3. Regional Dust Storms

4. Dust Devils

Tornado Tracks
5. Tornado Tracks

Dark Streaks

6. Dark Streaks

Bright Streaks

7. Bright Streaks

Dark and Bright Streaks

8. Dark and Bright Streaks

Mixed-Tone Streaks

9. Mixed-Tone Streaks

North Circumpolar Dunes
10. North Circumpolar Dunes

Dune Types
11. Dune Types

Frame Dunes
12. Frame Dunes

Field of Barchan Dunes
13. Field of Barchan Dunes

Active Barchans
14. Active Barchans

Dunes Within a Crater
15. Dunes Within a Crater

Trapped Dunes

16. Trapped Dunes

Martian Yardangs

17. Martian Yardangs

Layer Remnants

18. Layer Remnants

19. Eroded Layered Terrain
19. Eroded Layered Terrain

Polar Laminated Terrain
20. Polar Laminated Terrain

Edge of the PLT

21. Edge of the PLT

Terrain Softening
22. Terrain Softening

 Concentric Crater Fill

23. Concentric Crater Fill

White Rock

White Rock

Wind Scour at VL-1

25. Wind Scour at VL-1

Wind Ripples at VL-2

26. Wind Ripples at VL-2

Drifts at VL-1
27. Drifts at VL-1

"Big Joe" Boulder

28. “Big Joe” Boulder

Dust Storm at VL-1
29. Dust Storm at VL-1

Real Colors at VL-2
30. Real Colors at VL-2


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