365071 (2009 AV)


Number 365071
Provisional Designation 2009 AV
Type Apollo, NEO, PHA
Diameter 0.674
OC Radar Albedo 18.18
Geometric Albedo 0.246
Eccentricity 0.0739
Semi-major axis 1.0297 au
Inclination 45.867 °
Discovery Date 2009-01-02
Discovery Means Mt. Lemmon Survey at Mount Lemmon

Radar Experiments

Doppler-Only (Continuous Wave) Echo Power Spectra


2012-02-21, 2009AV.feb21.sp5Hz.cw.png

2012-02-21, 2009AV.feb21.sp5Hz.cw.png


Echo power spectrum obtained on 2012-02-21 smoothed to a frequency resolution of 0.5 Hz. Power in the opposite circular (OC) polarization as transmitted is the solid line while the power in the same circular (SC) polarization as transmitted is the dashed line. The polariation ratio on this date was 0.27.

Observation Date: 2012-02-21 (10:47:35-11:12:34)

Resolution: 0.5 Hz

Polarization Ratio: 0.27

Download Options:

CSV file is the raw data corresponding to the viewed cw spectra. The CSV file consists of three columns. The first column is the doppler frequency (Hz), the second column is the echo power in the same sense (SC) and the third column is the echo power in the opposite sense (OC). Echo power is in units of standard deviation above the noise baseline.

Additional Information

  • NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Small-Body Database entry


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