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Ganymede Crater Database

Voyager image of CallistoAt right: Voyager 2 far encounter color image of Ganymede. Bright spots are fresh craters and their ejecta patterns.

This web page leads to a database of images and information about the 150 or so major impact craters on Ganymede. The database has been compiled by Paul Schenk at the Lunar & Planetary Institute (, and is updated semi-regularly based on continuing analysis of Voyager images (and soon with Galileo images). Please read the README guide file. It has descriptions, references, acknowledgements and caveats regarding the database. If you use the database for research, please reference the appropriate work as described in the README file. If you find an obvious error, please let me know about it. The database and its description can be downloaded in various formats (see below).

Database last updated: July 7, 1996.

Accessing the Database

Downloading the Database

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