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Engineer Special Study of the Surface of the Moon (USGS I-351)
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Lunar Albedo Reference Chart (ARC-1)
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Lunar Chart (LPC-1)
Lunar Earthside Chart: Provisional
Lunar Earthside Chart: Provisional Flight Crew Planning Version
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Lunar Topophotomap Series
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Rectified Lunar Atlas: Supplement Number Two to the USAF Lunar Atlas
Author: Whitaker, E. A., Kuiper, G. P., Hartmann, W. K., Spradley, L. H.
Publisher:  University of Arizona Press
Scale:  1:3,500,000
Surveyor Lunar Photomap and Map Series
USAF Lunar Reference Mosaic: Lunar Earthside Hemisphere (LEM-1)
USGS Geologic Atlas of the Moon
USGS Shaded Relief Maps of the Moon
USGS Scientific Investigations Map (SIM) Series


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