Early Career Opportunities

The Small Body Advisory Group has several opportunities for early career scientists and students working with small bodies. We encourage interested early career researchers to sign up for the SBAG Indication of interest (link to indication of interest form) to get information about the latest opportunities.

Early Career Travel Grants
For the majority of SBAG meetings NASA offers grants to offset the travel costs for early career researchers to attend SBAG. Successful applicants will be able to present on their research during the meeting will also be expected to help out during the meeting (moving the mic around the room or monitoring the online question forum). Application information is released prior to the SBAG meeting. Further information will be provided in the SBAG digest and on the front page of the SBAG website when we are accepting applications.

SBAG Lighting Talks and Poster Sessions
Starting in the Summer 2017 SBAG meeting we provided a time-slot for students and early career researchers to present 5-minute lighting talks on their research. Future meetings may also include the ability for students/early career researchers to present posters as well.  Additional information will be provided in the SBAG digest and the front page of the website when we are looking for presenters at upcoming SBAG meetings

SBAG Early Career Secretary
One member of the SBAG board is the early career secretary. The early career secretary if a full board member of SBAG and is expected to assist in the organization, and running of the SBAG meetings. Each term is 2.5 years with 6 months of overlap between two early career secretaries. We expect to release a call for applicants in Summer 2017.

If you have any questions about the early career opportunities within SBAG please contact the current Early Career Secretary Hannah Susorney (hsusorney ‘at’ eoas.ubc.ca).