SBAG Presentations for January 12–13 Meeting

Monday, January 12

Planetary Science Division Update & Small Bodies Research in PSD
James L. Green

Near Earth Object Program
Lindley Johnson

Near-Earth Object Surveys and Hazard Mitigation Strategies An NRC Study
Michael F. A'Hearn and Faith Vilas

DI, EPOXI, NExt and Various Tirades
Michael F. A'Hearn

Rosette Steins flyby (avi)
Paul Weissman

NASA's Dawn Mission Journey to the Asteroid Frontier
Lucy McFadden

New Horizons Pluto/KBO Mission
Hal Weaver

Argo Voyage Through the Outer Solar System
Candice Hansen & Heidi B. Hammel

Stardust and Hayabusa Missions
Mike Zolensky

Tuesday, January 13

Stardust-NExT A Mission to Complete the Exploration of Comet Temple 1 with Stardust
J. Veverka

International Primitive Body Exploration Working Group (IPEWG)
Mark V. Sykes

In-Space Propulsion Technology Current Products, Future Plans, and Relevance to Small Body Missions
John Dankanich

Small Body Mission Concepts
Luke Sollitt and Keith Kroening