Meeting of the 1969 Mariner Mars Infrared Spectrometer Team
August 1999

Members of the original 1969 Mariner Mars Infrared Spectrometer (IRS) team, and Laurel Kirkland and Jeanne Pimentel met near Berkeley, CA in Aug. 1999 to collaborate on recovery of the IRS data set, history, and equipment, and to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the IRS flight. IRS was the first infrared spectrometer flown to another planet, and the data set remains a unique and valuable research resource.

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Our group has been working on the recovery and calibration of the IRS spectra, and additional information is available here. This work is continuing, and is sponsored by the Lunar and Planetary Institute and NASA. The calibrated data set is available for scientific research.

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Members of the IRS team posing with the IRS Engineering Model, on loan from the UC Berkeley Chemistry Department. The IRS silver colored telescope is visible in front of the IRS. The gold plated radiator "fence" is on top, with the black radiator within the fence. The flight versions of the IRS had white painted radiators. IRS was the first infrared spectrometer flown to another planet, and it returned both reflectance spectra and thermal emission spectra of Mars. We are recovering and archiving the hardware and documents associated with the IRS project, since it is an important part of the history of spaceflight, and in particular, the history of the exploration of Mars.

Kneeling, left to right: Donald K. Stone (computer programmer), Kenneth C. Herr (Co-Investigator), John Lester (Les) Hughes (cryogenic engineer), Paul B. Forney (Project Scientist)
Standing, left to right: Laurel Kirkland, Lynn Bostick (clean room/technician), Paul Duffy (SSL machinist), James Holsworth (computer programmer), Michael Lowe (engineer).

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