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The Barringer Family Fund has been established as a memorial to four of Daniel Moreau Barringer's sons - Brandon, Moreau or Reau as he was called, Paul and Richard. As the first person to identify the true origin of The Barringer Meteorite Crater (aka Meteor Crater) Daniel Moreau Barringer instilled a deep interest about the crater and its signficance to his sons. Each of them, in turn, had a life-long association with the crater and the field of meteoritics from its early beginnings. Brandon, Reau and Richard were all counsellors of the Meteoritical Society, with Reau serving as the Society's president in the late 1950's. Reau, a geologist in his early career, was also the second person, following his father, to identify the true origin of an impact site, that being in Odessa, TX. At one time in the late 50's and 60's, Richard developed the first inventory of known and suspected impact sites around the world - an inventory that continues today. At different times over a fifty year period, Brandon, Reau and Paul served as presidents of the The Barringer Crater Company, the family company which owns and oversees the crater. All four brothers were active in the Meteoritical Society and attended many annual meetings. In the late 1980's Paul (and the Barringer family) was recognized with a special award by the Society for his contributions to meteoritics, especially the support of young students through travel stipends to attend Society meetings.



Send questions about the award to David Kring, [email protected]


This award is managed by the Barringer Crater Company.


The Barringer Crater Company

Last updated November 19, 2019