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Carolyn Shoemaker Eugene M. Shoemaker The Eugene and Carolyn Shoemaker Impact Cratering Award is for undergraduate or graduate students, of any nationality, working in any country, in the disciplines of geology, geophysics, geochemistry, astronomy, or biology. The award, which will include $3000, is to be applied for the study of impact craters, either on Earth or on the other solid bodies in the solar system. Areas of study may include but are not limited to impact cratering processes, the bodies (asteroidal or cometary) that make the impacts; or the geological, chemical, or biological results of impact cratering. Faculty are urged to post flyers about the opportunity in their institutions. Students interested in pursuing impact crater studies are encouraged to review the application process and deadlines.


History of the Endowment

This award began as the Eugene M. Shoemaker Memorial Fund for Crater Studies. It was established by Dr. Carolyn Shoemaker in memory of her husband in 1998. She established the endowment so that students will have an opportunity to pursue studies of impact craters, which was the focus of her husband's graduate student studies and a large part of his professional career.

After Dr. Carolyn Shoemaker passed away in 2021, the award was renamed the Eugene and Carolyn Shoemaker Impact Cratering Award in memory of their collective contributions to impact cratering science. As Carolyn once noted of their careers, “Together, we could do more than either of us alone.”

Friends, scientific colleagues, and companies have contributed to (and continue to contribute to) the fund to ensure its success.


Helping the Endowment Grow

Because of the tremendous generosity of Dr. Carolyn Shoemaker, the endowment fund was large enough for the Planetary Geology Division to make the first student award in 1999. However, the division continues to solicit donations to the fund so that it will remain healthy and, ideally, grow so that it can be used to support additional student activities. If you would like to make a gift in Gene and Carolyn Shoemaker's memory and to support students, then please make a check out to

The GSA Foundation - Shoemaker Fund

and mail it to

GSA Foundation

P.O. Box 9140

Boulder, CO 80301.


Donations can also be made online with the GSA Foundation. If you have any questions about gifts for this fund, please feel free to contact the GSA Foundation or any of the officers of the Planetary Geology Division of GSA.



Send questions about the award to David Kring, [email protected]


This award is managed by the Planetary Geology Division of the Geological Society of America.

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