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The LPI has posted on-line a large collection of classroom resources related to the K-T boundary, Chicxulub crater, and impact cratering processes.  If you click on the options below, you will be taken to the LPI sites with that content.

Classroom Illustrations for the topics

Cretaceous-Tertiary (K-T) Boundary
Chicxulub Crater
Chicxulub Environmental Effects
Chicxulub Drilling
Impact Crater Formation
Impact Crater Morphology
Impact Cratering Mechanics
Impact Ejecta
Shock Metamorphism & Impact Lithologies
Impact Melt Production

Video Resources, including

Impact Cratering Simulations
Meteor Crater Flyover

Laboratory Exercises, including

Impact Cratering Mechanics and Crater Morphology
Features and Motion of Crater Ejecta
Measuring Meteor Crater’s Depth and Rim Height

Atlases of Earth’s Impact craters, including

A Google Earth KMZ file with the locations of Earth’s craters
Examples of space shuttle and space station images of Earth’s craters

Educational Posters for the topics

Environmental Effects of Impact Cratering
Geological Effects of Impact Cratering

Meteor Crater (the world’s best preserved impact site), including

Guidebook to the Geology of Barringer Meteorite Crater, Arizona (aka Meteor Crater)
Animations of the Impact Blast Zone

Traces of Catastrophe

A Handbook of Shock-Metamorphic Effects in Terrestrial Meteorite Impact Structures

K-T Boundary Cartoons

Colorful rendering of post-impact effects of a Chicxulub-sized asteroid upon Earth’s biosphere, dinosaurs in particular.

Dinosaur Cutouts


Popular Science Summaries

Chicxulub Crater, Twenty-Five Years Later