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David A. Kring

Indiana University, B.S. with Honors, Geology, 1984
Harvard University, Ph.D., Earth and Planetary Sciences, 1989

Educational Web Sites

Chicxulub Impact Event

Terrestrial Impact Craters and Their Environmental Effects

Barringer (Meteor) Crater and its Environmental Effects

Tswaing (Pretoria Saltpan) and its Environmental Effects

The Lunar Cataclysm Hypothesis

Origins of Life

Impact-generated Wildfires

Impact-induced Perturbations of Atmospheric Sulfur

Meteorites and Their Properties

Meteorites and Their Properties (Spanish-edition)

Arizona Meteorites

The Moon

NASA Solar System Exploration

Featured People – David Kring

50 Years of Robotic Planetary Exploration – David Kring’s View

Additional Educational Web Sites with Kring’s Contributions

Lunar and Planetary Science Resources

Extinction in the Classroom (Canadian Museum of Nature)


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February 13, 2019