Recent Publications

Barbaro A., Chiara Domeneghett M., Goodrich C. A., Meneghetti M., Litti L., Fioretti A. M., Jenniskens P., Shaddad M. H., and Nestola F. (2020) Graphite-Based Geothermometry on Almahata Sitta Ureilitic Meteorites. Minerals 10. LPI-002569.

Pla-García J., Rafkin S. C. R., Martinez G. M., Vicente-Retortillo Á., Newman C. E., Savijärvi H., de la Torre M., Rodriguez-Manfredi J. A., Gómez F., Molina A., Viúdez-Moreiras D., and Harri A.-M. (2020) Meteorological predictions for Mars2020 Perseverance rover landing site at Jezero crater. Space Science Reviews. LPI-002568. Accepted.

Rivera-Valentín E. G., Filiberto J., Lynch K. L., Mamajanov I., Lyons T. W., Schulte M., and Méndez A. (2020) First Billion Years: Habitability. Astrobiology. LPI-002567 (Accepted). LPI-002567.

Allender E. J., Orgel C., Almeida N. V., Cook J., Ende J. J., Kamps O., Mazrouei S,, Slezak T. J., Soini A.-J., and Kring D. A. (2020) Shaded Relief Geological Map of the South Polar Region of the Moon. LPI-002566.

Kring D. A., Bretzelder J. M., Ganesh I., Kumari N., and Lang A. (2020) Artemis III EVA Opportunities on the Lunar Farside near Shackleton Crater.  LPI-002565.

Kiefer W. S., Nagihara S., Grott M., Siegler M., and Zacny K. (2020) The Importance of Measuring Heat Flux Near the Lunar South Pole. [White Paper]. LPI-002554.

Hamilton V.E., Goodrich C.A., Treiman A.H., Connolly, Jr. H.C., Zolensky M.E., and Shaddad M.H. (2020) Meteoritic Evidence for a Ceres-sized, Water-rich, Carbonaceous Chondrite Parent Asteroid: A Missing Link. Nature Astronomy. LPI Contribution Number: LPI-002546.

Diniega S., Castillo-Rogez J., Daubar I., Filiberto J., Goudge T., Lynch K., Rutledge A., Rathbun J., Scully J., Smith R., Richey C., Udovicic C.T., and Villarreal M. (2020) Ensuring a safe and equitable workspace: The importance and feasibility of a Code of Conduct, along with clear policies regarding authorship and team membership. White Paper . LPI Contribution Number: LPI-002544.

Vander Kaaden K.E., Ryan C., Rivera-Valentín E.G., Phillips C.B., Haber J., Filiberto J., and Denton A. (2020)Creating Inclusive, Supportive, and Safe Environments in Planetary Science for Members of the LGBTQ+ Community. White Paper. LPI Contribution Number:  LPI-002543.

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