Recent Publications

E. C. Czaplinski, E. M. Harrington, S. K. Bell, G. D. Tolometti, B. E. Farrant, V. T. Bickel, C. I. Honniball, S. N. Martinez, A. Rogaski, H. M. Sargeant, and D. A. Kring (2021) Human-assisted sample return mission at the Schrödinger basin, lunar farside using a new geologic map and rover traverses Planetary Science Journal 2:51, 23 p., doi:10.3847/PSJ/abdb34.

D'Incecco P., and Filiberto J. (2021) Idunn Mons: Evidence for ongoing volcano-tectonic activity and atmospheric implications. Planetary Science Journal. LPI-002638. Accepted.

Andrews-Hanna J. C., Weber R. C., Garrick-Bethell I., Evans A. J., Kiefer W. S., Grimm R. E., Keane J. T., Laneuville M., Ishihara Y., Kamata S., and Matsuyama I. (2021) The structure and evolution of the lunar interior. New Views of the Moon 2. [Book Chapter]. LPI-002637.

Barbaro A., Chiara Domeneghett M., Goodrich C. A., Meneghetti M., Litti L., Fioretti A. M., Jenniskens P., Shaddad M. H., and Nestola F. (2020) Graphite-Based Geothermometry on Almahata Sitta Ureilitic Meteorites. Minerals 10. LPI-002569.

Pla-García J., Rafkin S. C. R., Martinez G. M., Vicente-Retortillo Á., Newman C. E., Savijärvi H., de la Torre M., Rodriguez-Manfredi J. A., Gómez F., Molina A., Viúdez-Moreiras D., and Harri A.-M. (2020) Meteorological predictions for Mars2020 Perseverance rover landing site at Jezero crater. Space Science Reviews. LPI-002568. Accepted.

Rivera-Valentín E. G., Filiberto J., Lynch K. L., Mamajanov I., Lyons T. W., Schulte M., and Méndez A. (2020) First Billion Years: Habitability. Astrobiology. LPI-002567 (Accepted). LPI-002567.

Allender E. J., Orgel C., Almeida N. V., Cook J., Ende J. J., Kamps O., Mazrouei S,, Slezak T. J., Soini A.-J., and Kring D. A. (2020) Shaded Relief Geological Map of the South Polar Region of the Moon. LPI-002566.

Kring D. A., Bretzelder J. M., Ganesh I., Kumari N., and Lang A. (2020) Artemis III EVA Opportunities on the Lunar Farside near Shackleton Crater.  LPI-002565.

Kiefer W. S., Nagihara S., Grott M., Siegler M., and Zacny K. (2020) The Importance of Measuring Heat Flux Near the Lunar South Pole. [White Paper]. LPI-002554.

Hamilton V.E., Goodrich C.A., Treiman A.H., Connolly, Jr. H.C., Zolensky M.E., and Shaddad M.H. (2020) Meteoritic Evidence for a Ceres-sized, Water-rich, Carbonaceous Chondrite Parent Asteroid: A Missing Link. Nature Astronomy. LPI Contribution Number: LPI-002546.

Diniega S., Castillo-Rogez J., Daubar I., Filiberto J., Goudge T., Lynch K., Rutledge A., Rathbun J., Scully J., Smith R., Richey C., Udovicic C.T., and Villarreal M. (2020) Ensuring a safe and equitable workspace: The importance and feasibility of a Code of Conduct, along with clear policies regarding authorship and team membership. White Paper . LPI Contribution Number: LPI-002544.

Vander Kaaden K.E., Ryan C., Rivera-Valentín E.G., Phillips C.B., Haber J., Filiberto J., and Denton A. (2020)Creating Inclusive, Supportive, and Safe Environments in Planetary Science for Members of the LGBTQ+ Community. White Paper. LPI Contribution Number:  LPI-002543.

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