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R.V. Gough, K.M. Primm, E.G. Rivera-Valentín, G.M. Martínez and M.A. Tolbert (2018) Solid-solid hydration and dehydration of Mars-relevant chlorine salts: Implications for Gale Crater and RSL locations. (in press)

Rivera-Valentin E.G., Gough R.V., Chevrier V.F., Primm K.M., Martinez G.M., and Tolbert M. (2018) Constraining the potential liquid water environment at Gale crater, Mars. Journal of Geophysical Research – Planets, 123, 5, 1156-1167.

Liu Y. (2018) Raman, mid-IR, and NIR spectroscopic study of calcium sulfates and mapping gypsum abundances in Columbus Crater, Mars. Planetary and Space Science, 163, 35-41.

Nagihara S., Kiefer W.S., Taylor P.T., Williams D.R., and Nakamura Y. (2018) Examination of the long-term subsurface warming observed at the Apollo 15 and 17 sites utilizing the newly restored heat flow experiment data from 1975 to 1977. Journal of Geophysical Research - Planets 123, 1125-1139.

Kiefer W.S. (2018) Lunar Interior, Geophysical Models. Encyclopedia of Lunar Science. (Cudnik B. ). Springer-Nature, DOI:

Corley L.M., McGovern P.J., Kramer G.Y., Lemelin M., Trang D., Gillis-Davis J.J., Taylor G.J., Powell K.E.,
Kiefer W.S., Wieczorek M., Zuber M.T. (2017) Olivine-bearing lithologies on the Moon: Constraints on origins and transport mechanisms from M3 spectroscopy, radiative transfer modeling, and GRAIL crustal thickness. Icarus, doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2017.09.012.

Stopar J.D., Robinson M.S., Barnouinc O. S., McEwend A.S., Speyerera E.J., Henriksena Megan R., and Suttond S.S. (2017) Relative depths of simple craters and the nature of the lunar regolith. Icarus, doi  LPI contrib number 2032.

Stopar J.D., Jolliff B.L., Speyerer E.J., Asphauga E.I., Robinson M.S. (2017) Potential impact-induced water-solid reactions on the Moon. Elsevier, doi

Hinson D.P., Linscott I.R.,  Young L.A., Tyler G.L., Stern S.A., Beyer R.A., Bird M.K., Ennico K., Gladstone G.R., Olkin C.B., Pätzold M., Schenk P.M., Strobel D.F., Summers M.E., Weaver H.A., Woods W.W., the New Horizons ATM Theme Team, and the New Horizons Science Team (2017) Radio occultation measurements of Pluto’s neutral atmosphere with New Horizons. Elsevier, 290, 96-111.

Tajeddine R., Soderlund K.M., Thomas P.C., Helfenstein P., Hedman M.M., Burns J.A.,and Schenk P.M. (2017) True Polar Wander of Enceladus From Topographic Data. Icarus, 295, 46.60,

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