Visiting Scientists

The Visiting Scientist Program, supported by ENComPSS, facilitates access to the astromaterials and curation facilities at NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC). LPI staff will engage and support planetary science professionals interested in conducting research on samples from asteroids, comets, and the Moon.

The LPI's physical proximity to NASA JSC, the Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science Directorate (ARES), and the NASA sample collection make it an ideal location for visiting scientists and mission teams whose research would be enhanced by direct daily interaction with the ARES and LPI scientific staff.

The LPI will provide office space, internet connectivity, and printer access to visiting scientists. Visiting sample scientists will have access to various laboratory instruments and a high-performance computer lab. The LPI has several safes for storing astromaterials samples, including one approved for Apollo lunar samples. The LPI library provides access to current journals, an extensive book collection, Apollo-era documents and images, and interlibrary loans. The LPI's dynamic environment offers the perfect atmosphere for academics considering going on a sabbatical.

Visiting Scientists in residence during the summer months may also participate in the renowned LPI Summer Intern Program.

All visiting scientists supported by ENComPSS must be designated by NASA and approved by ARES.

Questions can be addressed to Dr. Walter Kiefer ([email protected]).

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