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Schrodinger Basin: Mission Concepts

The Moon’s Schrödinger basin is the best preserved impact basin of its size.  The diversity of geologic exposures in Schrödinger basin provides several attractive landing sites for one or more sample return missions.  This farside location is also an excellent target for an integrated human and robotic exploration program designed to enhance capabilities for long duration missions beyond low-Earth orbit.

Center for Lunar and Science and Exploration scientists and studentsThe Center for Lunar Science and Exploration’s scientists and students explore potential destinations for robotic and human missions on the Moon and near-Earth asteroids with a Mars-forward point of view. One of the most interesting mission targets is the Schrödinger basin on the lunar farside, but our team has also identified potential landing sites around the entire sphere of the Moon. The team has worked closely with mission architects to test mission scenarios to the Moon and a near-Earth asteroid.

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