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  • Dr. Louise Prockter
    Dr. Louise M. Prockter

    Understanding the volcanic and tectonic history of solar system bodies, with an emphasis on icy satellites.
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  • Dr. Allan H. Treiman
    Dr. Allan H. Treiman
    Associate Director of Science

    Analytical, modeling, and experimental studies of volatile species in martian and asteroidal meteorites and lunar rocks to illuminate processes on planets and asteroids.
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  • Dr. Justin Filiberto
    Dr. Justin Filiberto
    Staff Scientist

    Planetary petrologist and geochemist studying magma genesis and crustal evolution in inner Solar System planetary bodies (Mars, Venus, the Earth, and the Moon).
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  • Dr. Cyrena Goodrich
    Dr. Cyrena A. Goodrich
    Staff Scientist

    Studies the mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry of meteorites derived from asteroids and uses the data to understand early solar system processes such as accretion and differentiation of planetesimals.
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  • Dr. Walter Kiefer
    Dr. Walter S. Kiefer
    Senior Staff Scientist

    Gravity modeling and numerical simulations to constrain the internal structure and tectonic, volcanic, and thermal evolution of Mars, Venus, differentiated asteroids, and the Moon.
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  • Dr.Dr. David A. Kring
    Dr. David A. Kring
    Senior Staff Scientist

    Extraterrestrial sample analysis and terrestrial field work on fundamental geological processes such as impact cratering, and their implications for the origin and evolution of life.
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  • Dr. Patrick J. McGovern
    Dr. Patrick J. McGovern
    Senior Staff Scientist

    Geophysical analysis of volcanic/tectonic features and crustal/lithospheric structures of the terrestrial planets and moons.
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  • Dr. Edgar G. Rivera-Valentin
    Dr. Edgard G. Rivera-Valentin
    Staff Scientist

    Investigates the surface evolution of Solar System bodies through impact cratering, atmosphere-regolith interactions, and planetary radar techniques, with an emphasis on past and present habitability. View profile

  • Dr. Paul M. Schenk
    Dr. Paul M. Schenk
    Senior Staff Scientist

    Geologic and topographic mapping and cratering studies to determine the geologic evolution and history of icy satellites.
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  • Dr. Virgil L. Sharpton
    Dr. Paul D. Spudis
    Senior Staff Scientist

    Observation and modeling of impact processes and volcanism on the Moon and terrestrial planets, with a current emphasis on lunar polar processes and history.
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  • Dr. Julie Stopar
    Dr. Julie D. Stopar
    Staff Scientist

    Studies the formation and evolution of lunar impact craters, volume-limited volcanism, and regolith at the meter-scale and is part of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) team.
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  • Dr. Patrick Taylor
    Dr. Patrick A. Taylor
    Senior Staff Scientist

    Uses radar to better constrain the orbits and physical properties of near-Earth asteroids for the purposes of planetary defense and understanding solar system evolution.
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Heritage Fellow

Dr. John Jones

Graham Ryder Fellow

Dr. Julia Semprich

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Sriram Bhiravarasu
Dr. Nicholas Castle
Dr. Jangmi Han
Dr. Jonathan Kay
Dr. Yang (Steve) Liu
Dr. Heather Meyer
Dr. Katharine Robinson
Dr. Martin Schmieder

Emeritus Scientist

Dr. Virgil S​h​a​r​p​t​o​n

Visiting Scientist

Dr. Stephen Mackwell

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