Yesenia Arroyo

Yesenia Arroyo

Visiting Scientist

  [email protected]
  Curriculum Vitae

Yesenia Arroyo is a geologist and the project manager for the GeoSPACE Planetary Geology and Volcanology field course. A recent graduate from the University of Florida and with support from a post-baccalaureate grant from the National Science Foundation, Arroyo is currently studying lava flows in Hawai'i as analogs to better understand past volcanism in Flagstaff, AZ.

Pulling from a diverse background in aviation mechanics, museum education, and running a fabrication lab, Arroyo is an advocate for nontraditional students in academia. Arroyo hopes to combine their interests in the solar system, petrology, and volcanism to create welcoming spaces for historically marginalized students in the geosciences.

Arroyo enjoys DJing, creating sci-comm content, and crafting with laser cutters in their spare time.

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