Dr. Candice C. Bedford

Dr. Candice C. Bedford

Visiting Scientist

  Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Candice Bedford is a visiting scientist at the LPI/JSC, a foreign collaborator on the NASA Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) CheMin science team, and a member of the Semi-Autonomous Navigation of Detrital Environments (SAND-E) Mars analog mission science team. Her research focuses on untangling the geochemical effects of mineral sorting, chemical weathering and alteration from source rock characteristics on the Earth and Mars through using analytical techniques employed by current and future Mars missions. Her research at the LPI and JSC has taken her to Mars analog sites in Iceland to participate in the SAND-E rover field trials and analyze the sedimentary systems, from source to sink, using portable geochemical devices and laboratory-based techniques. Understanding how these sedimentary processes influenced the geochemistry of the deposited sediments can provide information on the environments under which they were eroded, transported and deposited, as well as the composition of the crust from which they were derived, giving an important insight into the ancient and modern crustal processes of Mars. Dr. Bedford’s current research within the SAND-E science team also involves trialing several operations scenarios including drone footage and autonomous software in preparation for the NASA Mars2020 mission. Her research interests include geochemistry, sedimentology, igneous petrology, astrobiology, and planetary exploration.

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