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Dr. Sriram Bhiravarasu

Dr. Sriram Bhiravarasu

Postdoctoral Fellow
Phone: 281-486-2177
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Sriram Bhiravarasu obtained his Ph.D. in Physics from Gujarat University, India, by working as a researcher at Space Applications Centre (ISRO). His graduate studies focused on understanding the near-surface physical properties of the Moon by studying the radar scattering properties derived from Earth-based and orbital radar instruments.

Dr. Bhiravarasu has a strong interest in applying polarimetric imaging radar techniques (monostatic & bistatic) to fill the gaps in our understanding of surface and subsurface physical, electrical properties of the Moon that cannot be addressed by, for example, visible imaging or infrared spectroscopy. His current research focuses primarily on the characterization of volcanic deposits (distribution and extent of pyroclastic deposits), impact melt deposits, large, young impact craters, PSRs at the poles and regolith loss properties, by interpreting various lunar radar datasets. His research at LPI also focuses on laboratory simulations to investigate planetary radar scattering processes, including the study of Coherent Backscatter Opposition Effect (CBOE) at radar wavelengths. These methods and results would also benefit radar studies of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Asteroids, and the icy outer planet satellites.

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