Dr. Evan Bjonnes

Dr. Evan Bjonnes

Ryder Fellow

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  Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Evan Bjonnes is a Ryder Postdoctoral Fellow at the Lunar and Planetary Institute. He graduated from Brown University with a background in numerical modeling of impact crater formation working with Dr. Brandon Johnson and Dr. Alexander Evans. Dr. Bjonnes is most interested in understanding planetary evolution and focuses on using observations of impact craters on different planetary surfaces to understand the geologic conditions that were present at the time of impact. He uses numerical codes to model impact crater formation under a variety of different starting conditions to then determine which parameters most clearly replicate impact craters and basins we can observe today. Because impact events occur throughout the solar system, Dr. Bjonnes has studied craters on Venus, the Moon, Earth, and the icy satellites of Jupiter and Saturn.

While at the LPI, Dr. Bjonnes is working to further understand the impact crater record of the Moon and its implications for how we understand the early history of the solar system. His other research interests include geodesy, the evolution of planetary lithospheres, plate tectonics, and the intersection of impact events and habitability.

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