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Dr. Daniel Dunlap

Dr. Daniel Dunlap

Postdoctoral Fellow
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Daniel Dunlap received his PhD from Arizona State University where he worked in the Center for Meteorite Studies. An isotope geochemist, Dr. Dunlap uses high precision isotope measurements on meteorites to answer questions about the evolution of rocky bodies in our solarsystem. Achondrites are meteorites which experienced varying degrees of high temperature processing and record valuable information about conditions during formation and the nature of their parent bodies. To address these questions, he employed three distinct radioisotope systems each with advantages for specifically targeting early solar system chronology with fine time resolution.

Dr. Dunlap’s current research focuses on the timing of crust formation on the Moon. Specifically, investigating rare felsic clasts in lunar materials in order to understand the timing of formation and the implications for the evolution of the Lunar crust. He is excited to be a part of the great science being carried out by the LPI and NASA JSC.


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