Dr. Anthony M. Gargano

Dr. Anthony M. Gargano

Postdoctoral Fellow

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  Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Tony Gargano is a stable isotope geochemist who specializes in the application of non-traditional stable isotope systems and measurement techniques to planetary and terrestrial materials. He received his Ph.D. in Earth and Planetary Sciences at the University of New Mexico (UNM) within the Center for Stable Isotopes and the Institute for Meteoritics. As part of his Ph.D., he worked in the Center for Isotope Cosmochemistry and Geochronology (CICG) at NASA Johnson Space Center, developing a method for simultaneously measuring the halogen contents and chlorine isotope compositions of geological materials. His research interests focus on characterizing the magnitude of volatile loss that occurs throughout planetary evolution by coordinated and component-specific stable isotope analyses in systems such as H, Cl, Zn, S, and O. His ongoing work at CICG focuses on the development of novel measurement techniques and stable isotope systems to interrogate specific processes involving the volatile history of planetary bodies from the accretion of their primary components, early crust and regolith formation, as well as igneous and impact processing.

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