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Dr. Jennifer Gorce

Dr. Jennifer Gorce

Postdoctoral Fellow
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Jennifer Gorce received her Ph.D from Virginia Tech in metamorphic petrology and isotope geochemistry. Her work focused on better understanding the metamorphic processes that occur during subduction of the oceanic lithosphere. Her projects integrated field work, computational thermodynamic modeling, and geochronological techniques to constrain 1) the timing and conditions of dehydration reactions and the interaction of the resultant fluid with the slab/mantle interface and 2) the exhumation of high pressure metamorphic terrains.

Dr. Gorce is excited to apply her knowledge of modeling metamorphic phase equilibria to planetary materials and use her experience in high precision TIMS analyses to contribute to the growing interest in using Cr stable isotopes as a tool for understanding differentiation of early solar system material. She is currently interested in testing various hypotheses for the formation and evolution of eucrites. Eucrites are part of the HED meteorite group associated with the asteroid Vesta 4, and thus constraining their evolution can be used to better understand the history of mafic bodies in the early solar system.


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