Dr. Jangmi Han

Dr. Jangmi Han

Visiting Scientist

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  Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Jangmi Han’s research focuses on coordinated mineralogical and isotopic microanalyses of primitive meteorites in the context of the formation and early evolution of the solar system. She is particularly interested in the first solar system solids, refractory Ca-Al-rich inclusions and amoeboid olivine aggregates, preserved in chondritic meteorites to investigate their formation, evolution, and possibly migration history in the protoplanetary disk, as the first steps to form building blocks of rocky planets. She also studies the effects of fluid-driven metasomatic and metamorphic processes on chondritic meteorites to better understand early aqueous activity on the parent asteroids.

Dr. Han’s research involves micrometer- to nanometer-scale mineralogical and petrologic characterizations using a variety of microbeam techniques including transmission electron microscopy, focused ion beam, scanning electron microscopy, and electron microprobe. Isotope analyses are also carried out using secondary ion mass spectrometry and nanoscale secondary ion mass spectrometry.

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