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Mr. Kurt K. Klaus

Mr. Kurt K. Klaus

Visiting Scientist
Phone: 281-630-6363
Curriculum Vitae

Mr. Kurt Klaus comes to the LPI from The Boeing Company where he spent 27 years primarily in human spaceflight and robotic space mission development. He was Principal Investigator (PI) for Boeing Internal Research and Development (IRAD) projects dealing with telepresence from a human tended habitat located at Earth – Moon Lagrange points 1 and/or 2. He was also PI for investigating science mission concepts for Boeing that make use of the Space Launch System (SLS). His master’s project resulted in generation and interpretation of digital elevation models from the Magellan mission using the stereo SAR data collected at Venus. He was a member of an impact crater mapping and sampling expedition to the Slate Islands in Lake Superior led by Drs. Buck Sharpton and Burkhard Dressler. He has been involved in several analog mission studies; 1) 2005, he was crew scientist on Expedition 39 (Leonardo) at the Mars Desert Research Station. In 2010 and 2011, he was a member of the science team providing tactical and strategic science guidance for NASA’s Desert RATS. Prior to Boeing, Mr. Klaus spent 8 years in the oil and gas industry as an exploration geophysicist specializing in the acquisition, processing and interpretation of 2D and 3D seismic data. While at Boeing, he had been PI and Chief Technologist on a number of IRAD projects including systems and standards for on-orbit training, ground based networked training systems, knowledge management and wearable computing. For the previous 9 years at Boeing, he had been a project manager on numerous human space flight proposals including the Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV), ARES I, Space Launch System, Commercial Crew as well as robotic science mission proposals, Mars Scout, JIMO, Discovery and New Frontiers.

Recent Relevant Professional Activity

Lunar Exploration Analysis Group Specific Action Team (LEAG) - Robotic Exploration
Strategy (2011).

LEAG - The Earth Moon L2 SAT (2012).

LEAG – Chair – Commercial Advisory Board (2014-Present).

Recent Relevant Selected Publications

“Near Earth Object Characterization, Exploration and Exploitation” contributed paper, Space Resources Roundtable 2004.

“Linkage Between Future Combat Systems and Human Exploration of Planetary Surfaces”, annual meeting of LEAG, 2008.

“Small Body Landers for Near Earth Object Missions”, annual meeting of AGU, 2009.

“Low Cost Multiple Near Earth Object Missions”, annual meeting of LPSC, 2010.

“Innovative Strategies for Asteroid Precursor Exploration”, annual meeting of AGU, 2011.

“A Sustainable Architecture for Lunar Resource Prospecting from an EML-based Exploration Platform”, annual meeting of AGU, 2012.


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