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 Julia Semprich

Dr. Julia Semprich

Graham Ryder Fellow
Phone: 281-486-2180
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Semprich's main field of interest is metamorphic and igneous petrology with the focus on understanding crustal processes such as densification and melting using a combination of analytical procedures and phase equilibria modeling. While working on her Ph.D. at the University of Oslo, she studied metamorphic reactions and the resulting densification of lower crustal rocks and their implications for geodynamic settings, in particular, the formation of large basins. As a post-doc at the University of Campinas, she combined melting and trace element models to understand the formation of early crustal granitoids. 

Dr. Semprich's research currently focuses on modeling metamorphic phase equilibria on Mars and other planetary bodies. She studies how compositional variations and the availability of water influence metamorphic reactions on Mars with the aim to estimate how much fluid may be present below the surface and how this helps to better understand crustal formation processes. Furthermore, she will be determining pressure-temperature conditions of metamorphic phases in meteorites, which will provide information about the size and composition of the bodies they originated from.

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