Dr. Allan Treiman

Dr. Allan H. Treiman

Principal Scientist

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Dr. Allan Treiman studies a broad range of planetary materials, including most solid bodies in the inner solar system. Emphases now are on Mars and Venus, with continuing work on the Moon. His interests are in martian igneous systems, the mineralogy and geology of Venus' surface, and metamorphism in the Moon and asteroids. Treiman's background is in chemistry, field geology, and petrology, and he approaches planetary sciences from those perspectives and their underlying disciplines of mineralogy and equilibrium thermochemistry.

Dr. Treiman's current work focuses on the Mars rover missions as a co-investigator with the CheMin instrument on the MSL Curiosity rover and the PIXL instrument on the M2020 Perseverance rover. For CheMin, he provides geological context and interpretation of the CheMin results (X-ray diffraction and fluorescence). For PIXL, he provides igneous petrology background and mineralogical interpretations of its elemental map data. Treiman is active in daily operations on both missions. On Venus, Treiman has been investigating surface-atmosphere interactions, particularly formation of radar-reflective "snow" and ferroelectric material on its highest elevations. For the Moon, Treiman is studying possible fragments of its mantle and applying thermochemistry to determine their depths and temperatures of equilibration.

Dr. Treiman has been active in science education. He has worked in many teacher-training field experiences on volcanology (central Oregon, Yellowstone, Cascade Mountains), extreme environments (Owens Valley, CA; Yellowstone), and general geology (northern Arizona and New Mexico).

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