Dr. Matthew Weller

Dr. Matthew B. Weller

Urey Fellow

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  Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Matt Weller is a planetary geophysicist and a Urey Fellow at the Lunar and Planetary Institute. Dr. Weller is interested in understanding the processes and physics that govern the dynamics and evolution of the deep interior and surface of planetary bodies. Specifically, he seeks to understand how the deep interior and surface link to generate planetary atmospheres, control surface conditions, tectonics, interior evolution, and how this coupling may allow for the potential of habitability over time. To date, his research has focused on the investigation of Olympus Mons on Mars, the evolution of the tectonic state of Earth and Venus, insolation driven convection and failure of the ice shells of the outer satellites, habitability potentials of non-plate tectonic planets, fundamental physics and dynamics of convective systems, and understanding processes that act to reinforce or prevent plate tectonics on planetary bodies. When not working, you will find him doing other things, in other places.

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