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Principal Scientist

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  • Rumuruti (R) Chondrites.
    • Amphibole and Biotite: Implications for Asteroidal Volatiles.
    • Fragments in Ureilite Regolith Breccias.
  • Isotopic Constraints on Asteroidal Volatiles.
    • Rumuruti (R) Chondrites and Early Solar System.
    • Achondrites and Magma Oceans (?) .
Quartz veinlet

Quartz veinlet in the Serra de Mage eucrite meteorite. Crossed polars.

Current Abstracts

Goodrich C.A., Ebert S., Bischoff A., Treiman A.H., Pack A., and Barrat J.-A. (2016) MS-MU-012: A primary plagioclase-bearing main group ureilite from Almahata Sitta, with implications for the igneous evolution of the ureilite parent body. Meteoritics and Planetary Science 51 supplement. Submitted.

Treiman A.H., and Filiberto J. (2016) How good is good enough? Bulk chemical analyses of basalt by spacecraft instruments. Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 47. Abstract #1029.

Schneck U.G., Boyce J.W., Treiman A., Eiler J.E., Guan Y., and Ma C. (2016) Testing the urKREEP-?37Cl hypothesis with eucrites. Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 47. Abstract #2978.

Goodrich C.A., Treiman A.H. , Kita N.T., and Defouilloy C. (2016) Increasing diversity of ordinary chondrite and Rumuruti-type chondrite clasts in polymict ureilites Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 47. Abstract #1617.

Treiman A.H. and Gross J. (2015) The CR2 chondrite NWA 801: Petrography and petrology. Meteoritics and Planetary Science 50 supplement. Abstract #5077.

Recent Papers

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McCanta M.C, Treiman A.H., Dyar M.D., Alexander C.M.O'D., Rumble D. III and Essene E.J. (2008) The La Paz 04840 meteorite: Petrology and origin of an amphibole-rich R chondrite. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 72, 5757-5780.

Herd C.D.K., Treiman A.H., McKay G.A., and Shearer C.K.Jr. (2004) The behavior of Li and B during planetary basalt crystallization. American Mineralogist 89, 832-840.

Treiman A.H., Lanzirotti A., and Xirouchakis D. (2004) Ancient water on asteroid 4 Vesta: Evidence from a quartz veinlet in the Serra de Mage eucrite meteorite. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 219, 189-199.

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