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Purple spinel in a granulite rock fragment in lunar highlands breccia ALHA 81005

Dr. Allan H. Treiman
Senior Staff Scientist

Lunar and Planetary Institute
3600 Bay Area Boulevard
Houston, TX 77058
E-mail: treiman(at)
Phone: 281-486-2117
Fax: 281-486-2162



    • Volatile Components and Their Isotopes.
    • Ancient Lunar Highlands.
    • Lunar Meteorites.
    • Lunar Magma Ocean.
    • MARE, 'New Frontiers' geochemical lander proposal, 2015.
  • Managment / Advisory / Analysis
    • Organizer, Second Lunar Highlands Conference, with field study at Stillwater Complex, 2012.


Nagurney A.B., Treiman A.H., and Spudis P. (2016) Petrology, bulk composition, and provenance of lunar meteorite NWA 5000. Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 47. Abstract #1103.

Treiman A.H., and Filiberto J. (2016) How good is good enough? Bulk chemical analyses of basalt by spacecraft instruments. Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 47. Abstract #1029.

Boyce J.W., Treiman A.H., Eiler J.M., Stolper E.M., Greenwood J.P., Gross J., Guan Y., and Ma C. (2016) Fractionating chlorine isotopes in the lunar magma ocean. Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 47. Abstract #1542.

Shaulis B.J., Kring D.A., Lapen T.J., and Treiman A.H. (2016) In situ U-Pb age analysis of Apollo 17 impact melt breccias. Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 47. Abstract #2033.

Please email me for reprints!

Treiman A.H., Boyce J.W., Greenwood J.P., Guan Y., Ma C., Eiler J.M., Gross J., and Stolper E.M. (2016) D-poor hydrogen in lunar mare basalts assimilated from lunar regolith. American Mineralogist 100, July 2016.

Boyce J.W., Treiman A.H., Guan Y., Ma C., Eiler J.M., Gross J., Greenwood J.P., and Stolper E.M. (2015) The chlorine isotopic fingerprint of the lunar magma ocean. Science Advances 1, e1500380. 10.1126/sciadv.1500380. LPI contribution #1880. E10009.

Sonzogni Y., Kramer G., and Treiman A.H. (2015) Petrology and provenance of a very-low-titanium picrite clast in lunar highland regolith breccia 15295. Meteoritics and Planetary Science 50. DOI: 10.1111/maps.12579. LPI contribution #1887.

McCubbin F.M., Klima R.L., Boyce J.W., Anand M., Shearer C.K., Liu Y., Treiman A.H., Tartese R., Elardo S.M., Lawrence D.J., Petro N.E., and Barnes J.J. (2015) Volatiles (H, C, N, F, S, Cl) in the lunar crust and regolith: Distribution, processes, sources, and significance. American Mineralogist 100, 1668-1707. LPI contribution #1877.

Treiman A.H., and Gross J. (2015) A rock fragment related to the magnesian suite in lunar meteorite Allan Hills (ALHA) A81005. American Mineralogist 100, 414-426. LPI Contrib. #1824

Treiman A.H., Boyce J.W., Gross J., Guan Y., Eiler J., and Stolper E.M. (2014) Phosphate-halogen metasomatism of lunar granulite 79215: Impact-induced fractionation of volatiles and incompatible elements. American Mineralogist 99, 1860-1870. LPI Contrib. #1785.

Boyce J.W., McCubbin F.M., Tomlinson S., Treiman A.H., and Greenwood J.P. (2014) The lunar apatite paradox. Science 344, 400-402. LPI Contrib. #1786.


May 31, 2016

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