Dr. Allan H. Treiman

Principal Scientist

[email protected]
  |   281-486-2117

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Resources Provided to the Community

Resources that are not really publishable, but might be useful.

Pebbles of meta-rhyolite

Pebbles of meta-rhyolite in schist. Ojo Caliente, New Mexico.

Treiman's Masters Thesis

"Precambrian Geology of the Ojo Caliente Quadrangle, Rio Arriba and Taos Counties, New Mexico."
MS thesis, completed in 1977 at Stanford University, under the kind but sarcastic direction of Dr. R. (Dick) Jahns. Dick prevented me from mapping the Tertiary and Quaternary rocks as "Phanerozoic, undivided." Which seemed patently unfair in light of the common dismissal of ancient rocks as "pre-Cambrian, undivided." The thesis was never published, and does contain at least one serious error: in the metapelites, I misidentified cordierite as plagioclase. Enjoy.

Educational Materials

These web pages and images were made for LPI Teacher training workshops.


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