The Great Desert Teacher Training Workshop -- Itinerary

Workshop Schedule

Saturday, July 12, 2003

Ice-breaker and Introduction to Grand Canyon Geology (Crossey, Karlstrom)

Sunday, July 13

Depart from University of New Mexico

West Mesa (outside Albuquerque) - Views of Sandia Mts., Discuss Rio Grande Rift, Start Geologic Cross Section.

Stuckeys - McCarty's Lava Flow

Near Grants - Climb Roadcut for Views of Tilted Cretaceous Beds, Monocline Structure, Mount Taylor Volcano

Near Flagstaff - Views of San Francisco Peak Volcano and Cinder Cone Field

Arrive at Grand Canyon Village

Sunset over Grand Canyon

Monday, July 14

Grand Canyon Rocks and Views down Kaibab Trail (Trail o' Death)

Desert View Point - Views of upper canyon and Grand Canyon Supergroup.

Tuesday, July 15

Depart from Grand Canyon Village

Sunset Crater National Monument - a recent Cinder Cone and Basalt lava flow.

Meteor Crater - Lunch

Return to Albuquerque and the University of New Mexico

Wednesday, July 16

Water - A. Treiman

Mars Exploration and Geology - W. Kiefer

Mars Geology and Craters - H. Newsom

Impact Cratering Lab Exercise - H. and J. Newsom

Tramway to Sandia Crest, and Dinner at High Finance

Thursday, July 17

Make a Mesa - S. Kadel

Gullies on Mars: Dust, not Water? - A. Treiman

Erode a Mesa - S. Kadel

Mars Student Imaging Project - J. Fourche

Geology Field Notebooks - K. Karlstrom Evening Slide Show on Cave Life -

Friday, July 18

Depart Albuquerque for Jemez Mountians

Desert Soils Stop - Views of Jemez Mts. and San Filipe volcanos

Indian Fry Bread at Jemez Pueblo and Visitor Center

Soda Dam Hot Springs

Overlook above Valles Caldera - Lunch

Panorama in Valles Grande

Curve o' Death on State Highway 4 (a.k.a. Pajarito Fault Scarp)

Rio Grande and Lava Flows

Dinner Out in Albuquerque

Saturday, July 19

Volcanos and Impacts in Astrobiology - T. Hoehler

Mars Exploration and the MER Rovers - L. Crumpler

Volcanos - J. Aubele

Microbiology of Desert Soils and Hot Spring Deposits - F. Garcia-Pichel.

NASA Ames Astrobiology Education - C. Tsairides


End of Workshop

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