The Great Desert Teacher Training Workshop -- Links

Mars Educational Resources and Programs
Steve Kadel's "Tale of Two Deserts." In English y en Español!
Exploring Mars (LPI) - Education Brief
Exploring Mars (LPI) - Classroom Exercises (should be familiar!)
"Destination Mars" (JSC) Includes Lava Layering and Mars Soils
"Exploring the Moon" (JSC) Relevant geology exercises
"Fingerprints of Life?" (JSC) - Astrobiology Activities and Alignments
Arizona State Univ. Mars Education Program
Planetary Science Research Discoveries
Ames Center for Mars Exploration
Exploring Planets in the Classroom: Hands-on Science Activities

Mars Student Participation Programs
Mars Student Imaging Project. Arizona State University
Mars Orbiter Camera Public Image Request Site
NASA Student Involvement Program (NSIP
NSIP Aerospace Engineering Technology Challenge Grades 5-8.
NSIP Science and Technology Journalism Grades K-12.
NSIP My Planet Earth Grades K-4.
NSIP Watching Earth (Climate) Change Grades 5-12.
NSIP Design a Mission to Mars and Beyond Grades 5-12.
NSIP Space Flight Opportunities Grades 9-12.

Current Mars Missions
Mars Exploration Rovers
Mars Odyssey Orbiter
Mars Global Surveyor
Mars Express
Beagle 2

Past Mars Missions
Mars Pathfinder
Phobos 2
Mariner 9
Mariner 6 and 7
Mariner 4

Some Mars Images !
Mars Exploration Rovers
THEMIS - Mars Odyssey
MOC - Mars Global Surveyor (with index!)
TES - Mars Global Surveyor
Mars Pathfinder
Viking Oribters
Viking Landers

NASA Centers

NASA Home Page
NASA Space Sciences Program
Ames Research Center, Space Science Division
Goddard Space Flight Center
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Johnson Space Center
JSC Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science

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