The Great Desert


Lava Layering teaches about the shape of shield volcanos, the principle of superposition, and how a geologist can reconstruct the history of volcanic eruptions. This exercise was developed originally by the Hawaii Spacegrant which has other great volcanology exercises. The version we used is from the Destination: Mars exercises from the Johnson Space Center Astromaterials Education Group, which also has lots of other good stuff.
  Sadly, I could not find any photos of our group doing Lava Layering -- I must have lost them all. SO -- here are a few demo photos from our workshop two years ago, out of Seattle, which focused on volcanos of the Cascade Mountains.

During Eruption

The classroom at U. Washington. Playdoh, vinegar, baking soda, paper towels, etc. Can you recognize anyone in this image?? Credit.
Lava Layering 'during eruption.' Two flows have already been erupted and placed onto the cardboard base, more to come! Credit.
Map and Drill
Road Cut

These teachers have made a geological map of the flows visible at the surface, and are taking drill cores to see what lies beneath. Credit.
Road cuts are a geologist's best friend! Credit.

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