The Great Desert: Geology and Life on 
        Mars and in the Southwest

Mars Student Imaging Project

The Mars Student Imaging Project, MSIP for short, is a student/teacher research program created and run by Arizona State University, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and NASA. In brief, students and teachers learn how to interpret images of Mars, chose a research question that can be answered by an image, and request and receive that image to work on. The top groups are brought to Arizona State U. for three days to see their chosen image come to Earth, and be trained in image interpretation. Other groups participate in either telecon-based learning or distance learning.

Jaunine Fourche participated in MSIP, and said it was great! You can see examples of MSIP projects and their results from MSIP itself, or from: Gates Middle School, Scituate MA; and Carmel High School, Carmel IN.


Jaunine Fourche describes her class' experiences with the MSIP Program. Credit.
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