The Great Desert

Soda Dam Hot Spring 2


The Soda Dam, along NM state road 4, is a large hot spring deposit, made mostly of calcium carbonate. The springs used to empty out onto the dam over the Jemez River, but most of the water now exits from the roadcut across the road. This page focuses on the microbial mats of the springs. See also the web page on Soda Dam Microbiology.

Soda Dam

Dr. Ferran Garcia-Pichel stands on the recent carbonate deposits of the Soda Dam hot spring, and desribes its microbiology. Credit.
The top of the Soda Dam's recent deposits. Bacterial mats include white, green, and blackish-purplish-green. Note the little terraces on the steep slopes of the deposit. These terreaces are characteristic of hot spring deposits, but their origin is not understood. Credit.
Green Goo
Black Goo

Hot Spring, pH meter, and collecting bottle. Credit.
The slime follows the water. Credit.

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