Dr. Allan H. Treiman

Dr. Allan H. Treiman

Principal Scientist

Lunar and Planetary Institute
3600 Bay Area Boulevard
Houston, TX 77058

 Email: [email protected]
 Phone: 281-486-2117

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Geology, Petrology, and Geochemistry Across the Solar System


  • Rock-Water Chemical Reactions
  • Magmatic Processes and Magma Compositions
  • Martian Meteorites
  • Mars Gullies
Spacecraft Participation
  • Mars 2020, Co-I with PIXL Instrument (X-ray Fluorescence).
  • Mars Science Laboratory, Co-I with CheMin Instrument (X-ray Diffraction)

The Moon 

  • Volatile Components and Their Isotopes
  • Ancient Lunar Highlands
  • Lunar Meteorites
  • Lunar Magma Ocean
Spacecraft Participation
  • MARE, 'New Frontiers' geochemical lander proposal, 2015
Management / Advisory / Analysis
  • Organizer, Second Lunar Highlands Conference, with field study at Stillwater Complex, 2012.


  • Surface-atmosphere chemical reactions
  • Magma Chemistry
Spacecraft Participation
  • VISE 'New Frontiers' lander proposal, current
  • VERITAS "Discovery' orbiter proposal, 2010
  • SAGE 'New Frontiers' lander proposals, 2004, 2009
Management / Advisory / Analysis
  • Venus Technology and Instrumentation Workshop, Section Lead 2015.
  • NASA Decadal Survey, 2011, Member of Inner Planets Panel (included Venus).
  • Venus Flagship Study, member, 2010.
  • Venus Geochemistry Workshop, Convenor, 2009.
  • VEXAG Active Participant, 2009-present.

The Earth 

  • Igneous Petrology
  • Terrestrial Analogs
  • Carbonatites


  • Rumuruti (R) Chondrites
    • Amphibole and Biotite: Implications for Asteroidal Volatiles
    • Fragments in Ureilite Regolith Breccias
  • Isotopic Constraints on Asteroidal Volatiles
    • Rumuruti (R) Chondrites and Early Solar System
    • Achondrites and Magma Oceans (?)

Recent Management

  • Co-Lead, LPI-JSC Joint Working Group, Current
  • Lead, NASA Proposal Review Panel Groups, Various
  • Section Lead, Venus Technology and Instrumentation Workshop, 2015
  • Associate Director, Lunar and Planetary Institute, 2010-2012
  • Member, NASA Decadal Survey - Inner Planets Panel, 2011
  • Member, Venus Flagship Study Team, 2010

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