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Sapas Mons, Venus.

Sapas Mons. Magellan radar draped over Magellan topography. Vertical exaggeration 20:1. Hideous false color.


February 25-26, 2009
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Report from Workshop


Day Time First Author Title and Abstract Presentation
Thursday 8:30 AM A. H. Treiman Introduction and Logistics  
Thursday 8:45 AM W.S. Kiefer The Geology and Geophysics of Venus link
Thursday 9:15 AM J.W. Head Geological Evidence for Petrogenetic Diversity on Venus: Implications for Future Exploration Strategies  
Thursday 9:30 AM M.S. Gilmore Tessera Terrain is a Fundamental Geochemical Target  
Thursday 9:45 AM V.L. Hansen Is There a Genetic Association Between Ribbon Tessera Terrain and Shield Terrain, Venus?  
Thursday 10:00 AM M. Ivanov An Analysis of the Nature of Tessera Materials on Venus  
Thursday 11:00 AM J.S. Kargel Volcanology of the Venera and VEGA Landing Sites link1link2
Thursday 11:30 AM P.J. McGovern Interactions of Mechanical Controls on Magma Emplacement with the Petrology of Volcanic Edifice-building Flows on Venus
Thursday 11:45 AM L.T. Elkins-Tanton Magmatism on Venus: Upside-Down Melting in Gravitational Instabilities and a Possible Analog in the Siberian Large Igneous Province link
Thursday 1:30 PM A. H. Treiman Venus Geochemistry and Bulk Composition link
Thursday 1:45 PM A. H. Treiman Venus' Bulk and Mantle Compositions: Are Venus and Earth Really Twins?  
Thursday 2:00 PM J.S. Kargel Soviet Lander and Magellan Data Point Toward Earthlike Venus Geochemistry and Volcanology, With Some Differences, and Many Questions  
Thursday 2:15 PM J. Filiberto Magmatic Diversity on Venus: Constraints from Terrestrial Analog Experiments link
Thursday 2:30 PM J.H. Jones Core Formation on the Terrestrial Planets: Comparative Planetology of the Earth, Moon, Mars, Vesta, and Venus link
Thursday 2:45 PM A.T. Basilevsky Geochemical Aspects of the Geological History of Venus link
Thursday 3:30 PM W.S. Kiefer Melting Venus: Potential Geochemical Diagnostics of Mantle Source Depth  
Thursday 3:45 PM M.A. Kreslavsky Surficial Deposits and Access to Materials with Known Geological Context on Venus link
Thursday 4:00 PM K.P. Baines In-Situ Aerial Exploration Of Venus By Balloon - Science Objectives And Mission Architecture  
Poster   S.M. Clegg Venus Geochemical Analysis by Remote Raman -- Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (Raman-LIBS)  
Poster   A. Migliorini Thermal Structure in the Venusian Atmosphere: Diurnal and Annual Variations  
Poster   P.J. Michael Sulfur Behavior in Terrestrial Basaltic Magmas: Insights for the Behavior of Volcanic Sulfur on Venus  
Friday 8:30 AM M.A. Bullock Venus Atmosphere  
Friday 8:45 AM Y. Yung Atmospheric Constraints on Sulfur Reactions Fluxes at the Surface of Venus link
Friday 9:15 AM A. Mahieux Trace Gas Constituents of the Venus Mesosphere Measured by SPICAV/SOIR on Board Venus Express  
Friday 9:30 AM S. Visscher Surface - Atmosphere Interactions link
Friday 10:00 AM A.H. Treiman Basalt - Atmosphere Interaction on Venus: Preliminary Results on Weathering of Minerals and Bulk Rock link
Friday 10:45 AM N. Mueller Venus Surface Thermal Emission Observed by VIRTIS on Venus Express link
Friday 11:00 AM J. Helbert Facing the Heat -- Obtaining Near Infrared Real Emissivity Spectra at Venus Surface Temperatures link
Friday 11:15 AM R.E. Grimm Magnetotelluric Sounding of the Interior of Venus  
Friday 11:45 AM A. Wang Planetary Raman Spectroscopic Study for Understanding Venus Evolution History  
Friday 1:30 PM D.H. Grinspoon The History of Venus  
Friday 2:00 PM M.A. Bullock The Role of Sulfur in Detecting Recent Climate Change on Venus link
Friday 2:15 PM M.Yu. Zolotov On the Composition of Putative Oceans on Early Venus link

REPORT: In Progress
April 29, 2009

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