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The LPI Seminar Series brings prominent scientists to the LPI to present on a broad array of scientific disciplines that advance our understanding of the solar system. The seminar series, which began in September 1969, has brought many notable contributors from numerous research and academic institutions to the LPI. Seminars are typically held on Thursdays from 3:00-4:00 p.m. US/Central, but dates and times are subject to change. All seminars will be held virtually until further notice.

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See also the Rice University Department of Physics and Astronomy Colloquia and the Department of Earth Science Colloquia pages for other space science talks in the Houston area.

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January 2023

Thursday, January 12, 2023 - Virtual, 3:00 PM
Nicholas Borsato, Lund University
Expanding the Limits of Chemical Searches Within Ultra-Hot Jupiters

Searching for chemical signatures in the atmospheres of exoplanets conceptually seems infeasible. Light emitted or transmitted from these planets' atmospheres comprises a minuscule amount of the total incoming flux from the systems they inhabit. Yet, observing and analysing the chemical properties of exoplanets is now routine practice, largely thanks to the cross-correlation technique. Cross-correlation is a weighted average of the expected line positions of an exoplanet spectrum, combining the many line transitions of a particular atomic, ionized, or molecular species to detect these species in the atmosphere of the exoplanet. The cross-correlation function is an invaluable tool in the study of exoplanets. However, its intrinsic properties leave it vulnerable to systematic artifacts which we term aliases. Constraining these aliases provides better confidence in completing chemical inventories. In this work, we have utilized the predicted alias profiles of the cross-correlation function to perform an intensive chemical inventory of the ultra-hot Jupiter KELT-9 b, leading to the detection of seven undiscovered species, atomic and ionized species. Registration is required: https://bit.ly/3GIAFX5

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