The Venus Exploration Analysis Group

Unveil Venus:  Why is Earth's sister planet so different?

VEXAG was established by NASA in 2005 to identify scientific priorities and opportunities for the exploration of Venus, Earth’s sister planet. The group has an open membership and an 7-person Executive Committee, 3 Focus Groups, and 2 Topical Analysis Groups. Input from the scientific community is actively sought. The VEXAG provides findings to NASA Headquarters, but does not make recommendations. Stay in touch by visiting our Twitter and Facebook pages! If you have interest in becoming a member of VEXAG, please fill out the VEXAG Indication of Interest form.

VEXAG Charter

The Venus Exploration Analysis Group is NASA's community-based forum designed to provide scientific input and technology development plans for planning and prioritizing the exploration of Venus over the next several decades. VEXAG is chartered by NASA's Solar System Exploration Division and reports its findings to NASA. Open to all interested scientists, VEXAG regularly evaluates Venus exploration goals, scientific objectives, investigations, and critical measurement requirements, including especially recommendations in the NRC Decadal Survey and the Solar System Exploration Strategic Roadmap.

Venus Exploration Decadal Survey White Papers

Guiding Documents Updates 2019

Drafts current as of October 1, with feedback welcome to VEXAG Chair ( before October 15 for inclusion in final version.

​Final Draft Venus Scientific Exploration Goals, Objectives and Investigations

Final Draft Roadmap for Venus Exploration

Final Draft Venus Technology Plan

Request for Community Comments on VEXAG’s Venus Exploration Documents - Part I

Request for Community Comments on VEXAG’s Venus Exploration Documents - Part 2

Key Documents - 2014–2019

Goals, Objectives and Investigations for Venus Exploration: 2016

Roadmap for Venus Exploration: 2014

Venus Technology Plan: 2014

Venus Bridge Summary Report - April 20, 2018

VEXAG Venus Bridge Study Briefing to Thomas Zurbuchen - April 20, 2018

Aerial Platforms for the Scientific Exploration of Venus - October 2018

Related Documents

Venera-D Phase 2 report - January 2019

Upcoming Meetings

17th Meeting of the Venus Exploration and Analysis Group (VEXAG)
November 6–8, 2019, LASP Space Sciences Building, Boulder, Colorado
Abstract Deadline August 21, 2019, 5:00 p.m. U.S. Central Daylight Saving Time (GMT -5)

Exoplanets in Our Backyard: Solar System and Exoplanet Synergies on Planetary Formation, Evolution, and Habitability
February 5–7, 2020, Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, Texas
Abstract Deadline  November 13, 2019, 5:00 p.m. U.S. Central Standard Time (GMT –6)

Recent Meetings

Venera-D Joint Science Definition Team Workshop:
Venera-D Landing Sites and Cloud Layer Habitability Workshop
Space Research Institute (IKI), Moscow, October 2–5, 2019

16th Meeting of the Venus Exploration Analysis Group
November 6–8, 2018, Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, Maryland


VEXAG/Venus Town Hall at LPSC
March 20, 2018
The Woodlands, Texas

Meeting Notes

Access to Akatsuki data

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