Venus Science Priorities for Laboratory Measurements and Instrument Definition Workshop

April 7–8, 2015
Hampton, Virginia


Tibor Kremic
Goals, Objectives, and Investigations for Venus Exploration
Compiled by VEXAG, September, 2014
Lori Glaze and Pat Beauchamp

Summary of Venus Exploration Roadmap and Technologies
Pat Beauchamp

Space Technology Mission Directorate/Overview of STMD Programs and Venus Related Content
Jeffrey Sheehy

Venus Exploration Targets Workshop: A Retrospective
Lori Glaze for Virgil (Buck) Sharpton

Instrument Development Opportunities in NASA’s Planetary Science Division
Janice Buckner

Workshop - Quick Results (Presentation to VEXAG Meeting on Thursday, April 9, 2015)
Tibor Kremic, Kevin Baines, Martha Gillmore, and Allan Treiman

Open Microphone Presentations

FirefOx Oxygen Fugacity Sensor
Noam Izenberg, Papadakis, Monica, and Deglau

Addressing High-Priority Venus Science Objectives with Orbital and Surface-Based Nuclear Spectroscopy
David Lawrence and Patrick Peplowski

CO2, H2 and He Line Broadening Coefficients and Pressure Shifts for the HITRAN Database
J.S. Wilzewski, I.E. Gordon, and L.S. Rothman

VISAR: A Next Generation Interferometric Radar for Venus Exploration
Scott Hensley et al.

A Heat Flux Instrument for Measuring Venus Surface Heat Flow
M. Pauken and S. Smrekar

The Probing In situ with Neutrons and Gamma rays (PING) can measure Venus in situ bulk subsurface elemental composition and normative mineralogy down to a depth of 30 cm
Ann Parsons

The Balloon Infrared Spectrograph for Surface Thermal Emission (BIRSTE)
Gregory Holsclaw, Larry Esposito, and William McClintock

Venus Atmospheric Maneuverable Platform (VAMP)
Greg Lee, Ron Polidan, and Floyd Ross

Investigating the Origin and Evolution of Venus with In Situ Mass Spectrometry
Melissa G. Trainer, et al.

Remote LIBS Elemental Analysis on the Venus Surface
Melinda Dyar

In Situ Raman for 2-4 hours at Venus surface
Alian Wang

Current Laboratory Research and Venus In-Situ Chamber Investigations
Erika Kohler and N.M. Johnson

Time-Resolved Remote Raman Spectroscopy for Venus Exploration
S.K. Sharma, A K. Misra, T.E. Acosta, M.D. Dyar, S.M. Clegg and R. C. Wiens

Venus Guided Glider Concept