16th Meeting of the Venus Exploration and Analysis Group (VEXAG)

November 6–8, 2018
Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, Maryland



NASA Reports

NASA Planetary Science Division Status
Adriana Ocampo

NASA High Operating Temperature Technology (HOTTech) Overview
Carolyn Mercer 

NASA PICASSO/MatISSE Instrument Development Programs
Rainee Simons

Mission Reports

Venera-D Joint Science Definition Team
Ludmilla Zasova/Tracy Gregg

Akatsuki: Mission Status and Major Scientific Results
Takehiko Satoh

VEXAG Guidance Document Revisions, Mission Studies, Planning for Decadal Survey

Goals, Objectives, and Investigations Document 2018–2019
Allan Treiman

Venus Aerial Platforms
Jim Cutts

Venus Surface Platforms
Noam Izenberg

Venus Surface and Interior Science

Ovda Fluctus, the Festoon Lava Flow on Ovda Regio
Allan Treiman
        unexpected variations in surface properties across Maxwell Montes

Venus Surface Oxidation and Weathering as Viewed from Orbit with Six-Window VNIR Spectroscopy
Darby Dyar

Atmospheric Windows to Image the Surface on the Night Side of Venus
J. J. Knicely

Venus Astrobiology and Exoplanets

An Astrobiology Aspect for Exploring Venus Clouds
Sanjay Limaye 

Venus: The Nearby Exoplanet Laboratory
Stephen Kane

Venus Atmosphere Science

Capricious Cytherean Clouds
Kevin McGouldrick

Gravitational Signatures of Atmospheric Mass Transport by Thermal Tides
Bruce Bills

Planetward Ion Flows in Venus’ Magnetotail
Peter Kollmann

Venus Technology And Instrument Studies

Enabling Future Venus In-Situ Missions
Ethiraj Venkatapathy

JPL Venus Aerosol Mass Spectrometer
Kevin Baines

Aerocapture for SmallSat Missions to Venus Athul Pradeepkumar Girija

Millimeter-Wavelength Remote Sensing of the Tropospheric Structure of Venus
Alex Akins

Venus Technology and Instrument Studies -Posters

Hypervelocity Sampling of Noble Gases in the Upper Atmosphere of Venus
J. Rabinovitch

Investigating Venus's Deep Atmosphere
Sébastien Lebonnois

Venus’s Ishtar Terra
Sara Rastagar

Radar Performance Modeling
Scott Hensley

Magellan Stereo Topography
Scott Hensley